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Monday, October 4, 2010

Roger Mussons Professional Guide to Wheel Building

Many may consider Wheel Building to be some what of a Dark Art. All the odd spokes patterns and terms no normal man can understand like nipples, ERD, offset, 2 cross, 3 cross, flanges ect,

However all is not lost, there are some books out there explaining the process some are realy good others are just plain dumb.

One of the best I have found is by Roger Musson, a professional UK based wheel builder.

His book is an in expensive E book (Downloadable in PDF Format after paying a small fee) Please don't be put off by the price, which of about $14 and totally worth it,

Yes I do own a Copy and have read it cover to cover. one of the main perks is the payment is once off and when a new version is released you get it for free therfore you are always up to date.

The reasons I like this particular guide is: It is well set out, easy to read and inexpensive considering the amount of knowledge contained in it.

I would recommend it to anyone interested in Wheel Building and is available from http://www.wheelpro.co.uk/wheelbuilding/book.php

Buy it, Print it and Love it!!!!

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