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Monday, October 4, 2010

What my Blog is All About

I literally grew up in cycling shops all over the world, from the humble beginning as a child playing in my dad's shop, Mr Bike, in Bloemfontein, South Africa to Georges Cycles and Fitness in Boise Idaho, USA.

Through the years I even worked in a few shops along the way and gained valuable experience and skill, I pride myself in being a good cycle mechanic, and I have further picked up expertise in suspension and brakes.

Now to the point, I feel confident to bring you, Non Bias, No Nonsense Product Reviews from my own personal experiences with the products I use or  try out.

While reading my reviews remember: I am currently studying law and am by not employed by any Cycling Shop, Magazine, Importer, Reseller Ect, and the products I test are usually bought my me, using my own hard earned cash.

So in short these reviews are based on my experiences with the products from the view point of an obsessive, perfectionist cyclist with a mechanical background.

Hope you find some value in my posts.

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